loving lately | ed. 1

Oh, has it been awhile friends. I've missed blogging here and there over the past year, and although I know I'll never be able to commit the hours to it that I used to, I'm getting back into the swing of things with another Loving Lately edition--starting over with something familiar, you could say. 

This week I'm loving . . . 
1. Elaborate, handwritten script
2. Muted palettes and vintage attire
3. Intricately unique branding.
4. Eucalyptus, for always and forever. 

This medley has inspired my latest venture--expanding the Laite Atelier in the new year (more details coming soon). I'm really digging the classic, old-fashioned vibe of these images, and the earthy tones embody exactly how this mild winter is making me feel. 

What are you loving lately? 

Kristyn Lee1 Comment