A Collection of Writing


Below is a list of the majority of my bylines. I also occasionally publish on Medium and have several years of experience writing marketing materials, press releases, and social media content.

Please email me at kristynleewrites@gmail.com with any questions, writing inquiries or proposals.

various poems // good news paper, spring 2018

Breaking Bread and Barriers // The Observer, Dec. 2017

WV Women Speak up in new Podcast // The Observer, Nov. 2017
Clean Energy: Saving Lives & Livelihoods // The Observer, Nov. 2017

Left of the Bank Poetry Event // Shepherdstown, WV, Oct. 2017

Here Comes the WV SUN // The Observer, Oct. 2017, p.21 (print)
A Horse Center of a Different Color // The Observer, Oct. 2017, p.23 (print)

Onion: a poem // Comestible, Fall 2017 (print)

Grit: a poem // Plants are Magic Magazine, Fall 2017 (print)

Love a Good Story? // The Observer, Sept. 2017, p. 28-29 (print)

Watermelon and Orange // Shepherdstown Poem of the Month, August 2017

Alchemy: Earth, Opening Reception // Town Run Brewing Company, June 2017

Honeysuckle: a poem // Plants are Magic Magazine, Spring 2017 (print)
Eat the Rainbow // Plants are Magic Magazine, Spring 2017 (print)

Creative Ways to Drink More Water // Shannon Miller Lifestyle, July 2017

The Gather House, Interview // Verity Varee, February 2016

ERA Liberty Realty // Marketing/SEO blog posts Jan. 2016-Sept. 2016

Interview: A Daily Something //  West Heritage, June 2015
Interview: Handmade Studio TN // West Heritage, Feb. 2015

Ritual // Provencial Magazine, Aug. 2014

Moving Cities: A Guide to Exploration // The Exploress, June 2014

It Takes a Village . . . of Artists // Flagler Magazine, Fall 2014
The Gift of Life // Flagler Magazine, Fall 2014
The Ape Woman // Flagler Magazine, Fall 2013
Artist, Brianna Angelakis // Flagler Magazine, Spring 2013

Malindy Elene Bridal // Marketing/SEO blog posts, Spring 2014
Let's Talk Shoes
Bridal Bling
Spring/Summer Wedding Trends
Throw a St. Patty's Day Wedding
Bridal Trend: Ombre Bridesmaids
Honeymoon Inspiration: From Farms to the French Riviera
How to Craft Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Nelson Mandela: A Hero for All // The Gargoyle, Dec. 2013
Shining a Light on Slavery // The Gargoyle, Apr. 2013
Flagler and Feminism // The Gargoyle, Mar. 2013
Student Spotlight // The Gargoyle, Mar. 2013
Opinion Piece // The Gargoyle, Feb. 2013
Flagler Artist: Literature & Paint // The Gargoyle, Jan. 2013

River House Events // Marketing/SEO blog posts, Jan.-Apr. 2013
Go Bold?
Wedding Whimsy
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Wedding Gowns: Straps are Back
Throw a Valentine's Party
Succulents: Yay or Nay?
Paper Trends: Beautiful Stationery

Hitting the High Notes // Dickinson College, Nov. 2011
Networking in New York // Dickinson College, Feb. 2012
Chinese Bridge Speech Contest // Dickinson College, Apr. 2012
Sustainable Achievement // Dickinson College, Apr. 2012
Mastering a Critical Language // Dickinson College, May 2012

Ruffled Feathers Features // Feather Magazine, 2012-2013

*Please note: having begun my writing career as a millennial, most of my work is housed on the internet, the nature of which, during the online publication craze, is such that old websites and magazines may disband or recreate themselves anew over time; thus, should any links eventually lead to nowhere, please accept my sincerest apologies. The internet is not quite as beautiful a record-keeper at times as traditional print media. Perhaps I should have made a hardcopy of each byline from the beginning, but alas, they always told us what we wrote on the internet would be forever . . .