insta-recap: on becoming me.

how many times can you be transformed into a new woman? a new and stronger, wiser version of yourself? growing and changing into the woman God created you to be? 
it's never-ending. 

already, i feel myself being molded again this summer. summer does that to me. each one is somehow an enchanting encounter with myself, older and more knowledgable than the last. each summer brings new challenges but so much self-discovery. summer is my time to contemplate and give my mind a refreshing renewal as i move toward another chapter of my life. 

this one is no different. in little ways, i am becoming, all over again. 
these little updates: 
we have been visiting so many farmer's markets lately. it's wonderful and humbling. 
each morning, i drink a cup of herbal tea with a dash of honey and enjoy the quietness of the early morning, completely but happily alone. 
E and i have been taking many evening walks, where we discover new little treasures like the best milkshakes on the block and parks with pretty fountains. 
yesterday, we spent half our day at church and it was exhilarating. we stayed for the Bible study, which was full of intellectual discussion and the experience of knowing new friends. 
in the afternoon, i met up with Milynn, who blogs at Love and Whimsy--and who is a complete doll. we talked over hot beverages at the oxford exchange (her vanilla cappuccino, me lavender fog tea) and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere around us. i'm so glad i was finally able to meet another blogger in person :) 

it's funny how fast God works sometimes. just a week ago, i was worried i wouldn't find my community. and yet, i already see it developing. unexpectedly. 

for those of you wanting a bra update:
i have been going braless now for about a month now and it's glorious! i'm still not entirely comfortable to go braless at work, but at home i enjoy the freedom, and when E and i go exploring downtown. these casual excursions call for only a tank top and shorts, and i can see my style changing in little ways as i maneuver the heat and humidity of south tampa. 

i have also been thinking long and hard about my plans after graduation. sometimes, the best thing you can do is talk to your mamma. my insecurities and nervousness were met with decisive thinking and reasonable conclusions. 
while i hate to admit it, i know i must. working for someone else may not be for me. of all the jobs and internships i've held in the past few years, the most fulfilling are the ones where i am given autonomy; where i can produce my own work and direct myself, creating new ideas and spurring the interest of others. 
that said, while i don't think wedding planning is for me anymore, i do still believe i can fulfill God's purpose for my life through self-employment. it may takes a few years to settle myself, but i'm hoping i can find a balance between my own independent, creative endeavors and a stable but flexible position with which i can supplement my work. 

i still feel that teaching creative writing would give me a healthy balance. while i would be under the jurisdiction of a college, the classroom would freely be mine; i would have time to develop my stories; i would have summers off to travel on journalistic mission work and advocacy; and i would be able to cultivate a small start-up without feeling overwhelmed by the lack of stable income from such a business. 

this summer, i'm praying God continues to show me the path for my life. i'm trying so hard to trust Him daily, and each day, i feel more at peace with myself. with my future. with His purpose. 
my goal is also to learn jewelry-making. i've been thinking about this quite a lot, and i'd like to open my own Etsy store. maybe i can find a class or some videos, but if not, i have confidence that i can start a small, simplistic and affordable line for women. 

this post is much longer than i anticipated, friends!
how was your weekend? what's new in your life?