artist manifesto

How do you soothe yourself when you’re feeling big emotions? When you’re lonely or hurting, joyful or ecstatic? Do you put on music, break out your journal, bake a cake, perform bathing rituals? Do you practice yoga, sit down at your potter’s wheel, pull out a good book, engage in conversation?


Have you ever considered these are all forms of art?

What is there, when everything else is stripped away? When we’re alone with our emotions? What do we turn to?

I believe the answer to these questions is art; that our human instinct for creativity helps us live in a way that more fully embodies our emotional landscapes. The wellbeing of our souls goes beyond the five basic needs—just as we are hardwired to need air, food, water, shelter, and sleep, I believe we’re also hardwired to communicate and express ourselves through a variety of artistic mediums.

We turn to art when we can’t express our feelings in any other way. We dance, move, cook, paint, write, sing - we craft something tangible, whether it’s with our hands or our hearts, to convey the complex. To show nuance as normal. To embody what we love and birth its existence.

Art has always been constant; it is essential. Without it, our lives would be dull, void of greater depth. In order to truly be well, we must include art in the picture. It feeds our souls, helps us feel both alive and grounded. Whether we’re knitting a blanket or making a cup of tea, the human expression of creative skill and imagination is a huge part of a balanced and fulfilling life experience.

My goal is to help us tap into our creativity, to use art as an innovative form of wellness, for the betterment of our collective liberation. Art is a reflection of our consciousness, separating us from many other life forms on earth that do not have the awareness to desire something beyond survival.

I specialize mainly in poetic self-expression—using the written word to move through our past, present and future. Additionally, I connect and incorporate other artistic healing modalities into this practice, such as music, painting, and meditation, in a therapeutic way that enriches our personal (and professional) development.

Can we live without art? I’m not sure, to be honest. But even if we can, I don’t believe we’d live well without it.
Art heals. Nourishes. Leads. Awakens.

Art is not just self-care, it is soul-care.


I hold a degree in English Literature with a focus on creative writing from Flagler College. Over the last few years, I have worked in marketing and communications, mainly helping health & public services nonprofits grow their online presence and find their voice. Additionally, I have written for a handful of newspapers and magazines, and my poetry has been published in several journals. In my spare time, I love to read, write, bake, and take long walks. I have plans to explore a degree or certification in art therapy and the healing arts.

To connect with me, please email