I am here for the becoming and unbecoming. I am here to share and to learn. I am here to grow, give, and feel. 

Like most modern women, I grew up seeking empty promises of success and happiness, things like status and materialism, that ultimately left me feeling unfulfilled. Trying to lead a lifestyle by another's definitions instead of my own resulted in pain and suffering, both mentally and physically. I have struggled with everything from anxiety and depression to digestive and skin issues. Social conditioning can influence the way we view ourselves, as well as what illnesses we develop, and how we handle them. 

For the past few years, I have been on a path to heal my mind and body, and ultimately, my heart. The methods have been unique and multiple, but I am slowly finding my way; a way that I know will morph and change as my needs and desires do throughout my life. I am here for all the iterations and the richness each will bring to my journey. 

I want to help other women find their way, too. My passion for wellness resides in hormonal balance, and particularly its connection to the health of our skin. My focus encompasses many holistic healing modalities, including the principles of Ayurveda, the wisdom of ancestral diets, the practice of yoga and meditation, and the art of poetry and design. My goal is to lead a life of creative wellness, mindfulness, and joyful abundance. 

This process is not only medicinal, but artistic. We are not just a compilation of symptoms. We are a symphony, a spirit of senses. Our consciousness means our experiences are all connective, influencing both our bodies and minds--but so often, we reside outside of one or both of these. We cannot quiet our minds. We are not in tune with our bodies. My goal is for us to get back to our self. Our being.

To connect with me, please email kristynleewrites@gmail.com.