My foundation is rooted in wholistic wellness. Leading a healthy, happy lifestyle means being conscious of what we put in and on our bodies, how we interact with the world, and how we help make it a better place.

When we feed our bodies, minds and spirits with thoughtfulness, we receive so much goodness in return. 

Through my online presence, I hope to inspire, encourage and empower others to take up a practice of compassionate wellness and mindfulness.


I am a plant-based nutrition educator and freelance writer. I practice wholistic, science-based, mindful eating and wellbeing for optimal health. Nourishing our bodies with food and movement. Nurturing our minds with awareness and compassion. Living simply and intentionally, but abundantly. 

My food philosophy centers around eating real food, mostly plants, and listening to our intuitive bodies. Food should not only be our medicine, but our muse. Health begins with our gut flora, synergistically branching out to our other organs, our hearts, our minds and ultimately, our world. 

When we live wholistically--when we are thoughtful about how we speak, think, consume, eat, waste, act, move--we heal ourselves. And when we heal ourselves, we start a chain reaction. We end up healing others. Our consciousness creates a ripple effect on the whole of society. 


I studied English at both Dickinson College and Flagler College before graduating early with my Bachelor of Arts in 2013. I received my certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through Cornell University in 2016. I am pursuing further education.

After spending a few years in Florida, my partner Eric and I bought a house and planted roots in eastern West Virginia, about 90 minutes outside of D.C. I currently work as the marketing coordinator for the nonprofit organization, PlantPure Communities. I also serve as a freelance writer for various publications including The Observer, contributing articles ranging from health and wellness to local narratives and critical thought pieces. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

To get in touch, please email me at kristynleewellness@gmail.com.