Food as poetry is a form of expression, artful, open to interpretation, connective and humbling; it tells a story about us, and it's that story that I deeply seek--I love witnessing the ways our unique cultures, histories, beliefs and values influence our food habits and in turn, our lives.

Poetry as food is the idea that communication provides sustenance; much like food, poetry provides a way to stimulate our senses, awaken our creativity. Poetry is a mechanism for storytelling, a language for expressing another aspect of ourselves and our culture.



I am a food and wellness writer, poet, storyteller, and soulful creative. I believe in mindful eating and wellbeing for optimal health. Nourishing our bodies with food and movement. Nurturing our minds with compassion and community. Living simply and intentionally, but abundantly. 

My food philosophy centers around eating real, whole foods, mostly plants, and listening to our intuitive bodies. I believe food should be accessible, enjoyable and healthful. I believe food should not only be our medicine, but our muse.

I am not a master in the kitchen by any stretch of the imagination. You won't find a plethora of recipes developed by yours truly in this space; no artfully staged food photography or trending superfood brand endorsements here. To be sure, I enjoy cooking, and find it therapeutic. If anything, I would call myself aspiring. An aspiring cook, an aspiring baker, an aspiring food artist, scholar, scientist, expert.

More so, I enjoy good food. I take pleasure in its presentation, its journey to my plate, the story hiding between the lattice of your grandmother's rhubarb pie or the tiny thumbprints pressed along the seal of your family's homemade pirogies. I love learning about how food is made, how it's grown, why we choose to eat what we do. I am passionate about food justice and consequently, the issues that intersect with this topic--social justice, environmentalism, animal welfare, public policy and economic equity. 

Whether we care to admit it or not, food is much like religion and politics--it's part of our identity, what makes us who we are, informing our opinions, beliefs and actions. Food takes the form of many roles in our life. I am here to explore those roles.


I studied English at both Dickinson College and Flagler College before graduating early with my Bachelor of Arts in 2013. I received my certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through Cornell University in 2016. I am pursuing further education.

After spending a few years in Florida, my husband Eric and I bought a house and planted roots in eastern West Virginia, about 90 minutes outside of D.C. I currently work as the marketing coordinator for the nonprofit organization, PlantPure Communities. I also serve as a freelance writer for various publications including The Observer, contributing articles ranging from health and wellness to local narratives and critical thought pieces. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

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